Stonehenge, Crop Circles, Avebury, Glastonbury, Cornwall and more
Channeling, Spirit Ambassador Workshop and Dowsing Workshop

2020 Cancelled. New date 2021 will be advised.



Join this amazing trip with noted channel Brad Johnson and discover iconic Stonehenge, find out about its Pleiadean connections and explore the crop circles phenomena. How are all these phenomena connected? Among other, this tour will take us to Avebury, Glastonbury, Avalon, Tintagel, King Arthur, magic and the fairy kingdoms. You will learn about the famous St. Michael Ley Line and other earth energies and magic. A dowsing workshop will give you new skills and insights.

And if this is not all enough, Brad Johnson’s Spirit Ambassador Workshop will have you return from this trip as a truly inspired and empowerd being.

Saturday 18 July, Day 1: Arrival in London

Today you are making your way to the Holiday Inn Terminal 4 at Heathrow Airport. Address: Terminal 4, 1 Swindon Road London Heathrow Airport , Hounslow, TW6 3FJ. Check in is possible from 2 pm. 6 pm - Welcome & dinner with Brad Johnson

Sunday 19 July, Day 2: Avebury & Crop Circles

In the morning we are leaving for Avebury, the once largest megalithic construction on the British Iles. Here we explore the old structures, have a dowsing workshop to connect with the subtle energies and allow Adronis to come through. After lunch we will go via Silbury Hill to the amazing Crop Circle Museum in Honey Street. This will set us up to understand this mysterious phenomenon. After some tea and coffee, we may be lucky and visit a nearby Crop Circle. The Vale of Pewsey is the epicenter of the circle makers. After that we head for the Grasmere House Hotel in Salisbury. Upon arrival we will check in and enjoy a nice welcome dinner at the hotel.

Monday 20 July, Day 3: Stonehenge, Pleiades & Crop Circles

We will start the day by going to iconic Stonehenge and connect with this mysterious place. After that we will go to the nearby Winterbourne Stoke Barrows. The little forest here is energetically very active and again with dowsing rods and the trained eye this can be seen and even felt. The Winterbourne Stoke Barrows are arranged in the shape of the Pleiades and may well have been a portal during the construction of Stonehenge. We will make contact. After our lunch break in Amesbury, we will have an afternoon dedicated for a crop circle hunt. We have to see where this takes us to. Free evening for you to explore the cozy pubs and restaurants of Salisbury.

Tuesday 21 July, Day 4: Spirit Ambassador Workshop

Brad Johnson will hold a full day workshop at the wonderful Grasmere House Hotel in Salisbury. Sandwich and tea are included at lunch time.
Free evening for you to explore the cozy pubs and restaurants of Salisbury

Wednesday 22 July, Day 5: Spirit Ambassador Workshop

Brad Johnson will hold a full day workshop at the wonderful Grasmere House Hotel in Salisbury. Sandwich and tea are included at lunch time.
We will enjoy a Spirit Ambassador Graduation Dinner in Salisbury.

Thursday 23 July, Day 6: Glastonbury, legendary Avalon

Today we will go to legendary Glastonbury, aka Avalon. This place is steeped in mystery and legend, connecting it to King Arthur, the legend of the Holy Grail, Jesus Christ and Joseph of Arimathea, St Patrick of Ireland, the Fairy Kingdom and more. For some it is the Heart Chakra of Gaia. The visit will include visiting the Tor and Chalice Well. You will have plenty of time to visit the Abbey ruins and the Pagan Temple too. Later in the afternoon we will head for Exeter, which is halfway to Tintagel, where we will go the next day. We will stay at The White Heart Hotel in Exeter, which is one of the oldest inns in Exeter, dating back to the 1400s. Dinner is included.

Friday 24 July, Day 7: Tintagel, St. Nectan’s Glenn & Museum of Witchcraft

Today we go to Cornwall. Tintagel Castle is said to be the place where King Arthur was conceived. This amazing castle ruin is set high above the shore of the Cornish Coast, with “Merlin’s Cave” just beneath it. We will enjoy the spectacular landscape and ancient charm of this site before enjoying lunch. Thereafter we will go to St. Nectan’s Glenn. This early Christian healing center is set in the most beautiful forest, dominated by a spectacular sixty-foot waterfall coming through a hole in the rocks. The magic of the place surely must be a home to the fairies. We are rounding of our Cornish visit with the Museum of Witchcraft and Magic in Boscastle before we head back to Exeter. Free evening for you to explore the cozy pubs and restaurants of Exeter.

Saturday 25 July, Day 8: Uffington White Horse & to London Heathrow

We now have a longer coach journey back to London Heathrow, but still have an amazing highlight on the way: the mysterious Uffington White Horse. This chalk geoglyph is estimated to be 3000 years old and can best be seen from the air. St. George is said to have slain the dragon here on Dragon Hill, and some people say the horse may have been depicting a dragon earlier on. We will also investigate the nearby iron age hill fort & Wayland's Smithy, an ancient long barrow. In the late afternoon we will arrive at the Holiday Inn Terminal 4 at Heathrow Airport. After check in we will enjoy an included joined  final dinner.

Sunday 26 July, Day 9: Departure

From the hotel it is very easy to get to the 5 terminals of Heathrow airport, or via the underground to the other London airport or other travel connections. Farewell.


Holiday Inn Terminal 4 at Heathrow Airport

We will start the tour at Heathrow Airport, Londons biggest airport for most long distance flights. From here it is not a long journey to West and Avebury. We will stay at the brand new Holiday Inn Terminal 4 at Heathrow Airport. We will also return here for the final full day of the Spirit Ambassador Workshop. Address: Terminal 4, 1 Swindon Road London Heathrow Airport , Hounslow, TW6 3FJ

The Grasmere House Hotel in Salisbury

This beautiful 3* hotel is wonderfully located on the banks of the river Avon, with a view of the famous Cathedral of Salisbury. The hotel is about 15 minutes walk from the charming city center with its pubs and restaurants. We will be staying here for 4 nights and have one of the Spirit Ambassor Workshops here. Grasmere House Hotel

The White Heart Hotel in Exeter

This charming 3* hotel is one of Exeter's oldest inns, dating back to the 1400s. It is located about 5 minutes walk from Exeter Cathedral and the restaurants and pubs. Exeter is half way between Glastonbury and Tintagel and therefore a good inbetween stop. We will spend 2 nights here, before we return to Heathrow. White Heart Hotel

Included Services

  • 8 nights B&B in the above listed hotels
  • 5 x dinner, 2 x lunch
  • Spirit Ambassador Workshop with Brad Johnson (see below)
  • Channellings at sacred sites with Brad Johnson
  • Dowsing workshop
  • Tour manager
  • Transport in private coach
  • Admission to Crop Circle Museum, Stonehenge, Chalice Well, Tintagel Castle, St. Nectan's Glenn, Witchcraft Museum, Uffington White Horse. Places like Avebury and Glastonbury Tor are free.

Please note, there may be changes in the arrangements, but all listed services will stay included as listed.


What is the Spirit Ambassador Classroom?

​The Spirit Ambassador Classrooms involve full-circle teachings and knowledge that help you in completely restructuring your way of life in every facet possible as you work on developing your connection with spirit and implementing profound inner concepts to reshape and purify your life. Brad Johnson teaches his students specific practices and methods never before shared publicly. As a student you will become an initiate to learn the way of Spirit communication and integration as well as simple & profound spirit light healing, nature energy collection, emotional identity clearing, accessing universal knowledge through Spirit and much more! The course will also include:

  • Access to all online courses including:
    • Body Regeneration Healing Course
    • Adronis 4 Phase Course​
    • Akashic Records Home Study Course
    • Law of Attraction Unleashed Course
    • Merkabah Meditation Series & more!
  • Access to all books including: ​
    • Insights with Adronis from Sirius PDF​
    • Rainbow Wisdom PDF
    • The Reality Whisperer PDF

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Group Size

We expect up to 30 people.


Travel Insurance

Should you need to cancel the tour or something happens to you or your luggage we recommend that you get a travel insurance. We recommend Allianz Global Assistance.



We recommend to book flights to London Heathrow with Expedia.



Do you want to know more about Stonehenge, Crop Circles etc?

Check the resource page for amazing information and videos. We recommend studying these to fully experience this trip.