Cosmic Tour to Stonehenge and the Pleiades with Brad Johnson

Join this amazing trip with renown channel Brad Johnson and discover iconic Stonehenge, find out about its Pleiadean connections and explore the crop circles phenomena. We will find out about the megalithic cultures and the extra-terrestrial connections, which seem to be still there in the form of the Crop Circles. We will visit Glastonbury, Avalon, Tintagel and many more world renown sites, deeply connected to King Arthur and the fairy kingdoms. And if this is not all enough, Brad Johnson’s Spirit Ambassador Workshop will have you return from this trip as a truly transformed being. CLICK HERE

Bosnian Pyramids

A life-changing, 7-day healing excursion to the valley of the Bosnian Pyramids, discovering the curative, cleansing and regenerative effects of Pyramidal Power amongst eye-catching and inspiring surrounds - learning hands-on, about the unique Geometry, Light, Sound and Energetic Phenomena of these amazing structures, while uncovering the Ancient Secrets of an Advanced Civilization, whose masterly hands shaped its mysterious tunnels in deepest antiquity. Dates 2020 available soon.

Neolithic Earth Mysteries in Germany

Discover the amazing neolithic sites of the Nebra Sky Disk and the reconstructed wood henges of Gosek and Pömmelte in central Germany, only about 2 hrs south of Berlin. Above all it's a dowsers delight to study the supple energy architecture of these places. Dates 2020 available soon.

Wonder World - New Consciousness Tours

My experience as a dowser and student of sacred places teaches me that there were unknown, but highly advances previous cultures on this Earth plane. Sacred geometry, energy measurements and other phenomena in these amazing structures leave no doubt about their advanced spiritual and scientific know how. Learning about these sites is tapping into the extraordinary wisdom of these cultures that may well have answers to our modern-day challenges.

It is a delight and honor to present to you some of these amazing sites, and I look forward to meeting you along the way.

Max von Arnim