1 - 8 September 2019
(8 days, 7 nights)


Marta Thomas invites you to

a Spiritual Pilgrimage
 to the Ancient Archaeological and Healing heart of the Balkans,

and interactions with Dr. Semir Osmanagic

A life-changing, 7-day healing excursion to the valley of the Bosnian Pyramids, discovering the curative, cleansing and regenerative effects of Pyramidal Power amongst eye-catching and inspiring surrounds - learning hands-on, about the unique Geometry, Light, Sound and Energetic Phenomena of these amazing structures, while uncovering the Ancient Secrets of an Advanced Civilization, whose masterly hands shaped its mysterious tunnels in deepest antiquity.

The Bosnian Pyramids are in fact, considered one of the most important archeological discoveries of recent times - discovered in 2005 by widely respected archeologist, Dr. Semir Osmanagic, and regarded as the oldest and largest known pyramids currently standing on Earth - still now in-part, buried beneath an earthly mantle, still being excavated above and below ground, helping bring to light daily, new and exciting discoveries…

And while these impressive Pyramids are still relatively unknown, thousands now undertake the pilgrimage to Visoko, to regluraly explore its labyrinthine tunnels - not only to benefit from its profound Healing Energies, but to wander through the rugged Bosnian hills at sunset, where one can feel the tangible energies from the Pyramids of the Moon, Sun and Love amongst others, that rise up resplendent amongst them.


Pyramids, Tunnels and Healing Life-Force…

Structurally, the imposing Pyramid of the Sun stands an impressive 220 meters high - a good 75 meters higher than its famous cousin at Cheops in Egypt; at its summit emitting a powerful energy, where scientists have measured a jaw-dropping 28.000 hertz - an electromagnetic ‘Skalar Ray’ consisting of ultrasonic-magnetic and pulsing electromagnetic frequencies, which Tesla and others scientists widely-regarded as having a beneficial effect on human cell oscillation.

There is a mounting body of evidence now from those who have spent time in the tunnels of its powerful healing effect, particularly those suffering from asthmatic conditions - who have reported afterwards breathing far easier, as well as those with bronchial or respitorial illnesses, registering considerably marked improvement after similar visits.

Via the Pyramid’s unique sacred geometric form too, it is said that these energies connect directly with the energetic grid of the Earth, Cosmos, and by extension ourselves through our own subtle energetic field and chakras, sometimes with profound healing and spiritual/psychic affect.

Since its discovery, the maize of “Ravne Tunnels” has proved fascinating to many and enigmatic to most, boasting to boot an exceedingly rich Oxygen content, and high Negative Ion count, which in itself has been proven to help heal the human body quicker and on a deep cellular level, in the process destroying damaging free-radicals. Nowhere can this be experienced more so than in the “Healing Chamber”, which nestles deep inside the womb of the Sun Pyramid, emitting the highest and most impressive of Negative Ion readings, with levels consistently up to 18.500 per cubic centimeter.

Along the entire tunnel system in fact, it has been found to consistently oscillate up to 28 kHz ultrasonically, matching that measured at the Pyramid’s apex, again affecting and stimulating the body beneficially at a deep cellular level, the accompanying Schumann Frequency measuring at an impressive 7.8 Hertz - a level at which our brain slips effortlessly into Alpha State, prompting relaxation, the healing process to be initiated, or altered states of consciousness to be easily induced.



1st day: 1st of September

Arrival at Sarajevo airport no later than 4 pm and transfer to the hotel in Visoko by minibus

At 6 pm Welcome Orientation and Dinner at the hotel with organizers.


2nd day: 2nd of September

After Breakfast, trip to Belvedere, view of the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, introduction to the discovery, photo opportunity. Then transfer and visit to the archaeological dig at the Bosnian Pyramid of the Sun, experience oldest concrete on the Planet, five aspects of discovery: archaeological, scientific, energy, spiritual and healing.

On the way up to the top of the Pyramid of the Sun visit the Pyramid of Love and experience its serene energy.

A traditional Bosnian Lunch will be had before we assent to the Top of the Pyramid of the Sun for presentation and meditation.

After that, return to the hotel and Group dinner at restaurant nearby (not included in price, but recommended for integration of impressions)


3rd day: 3rd of September

After Breakfast, trip to Ravne Tunnel. Visit to Foundation’s Museum and prehistoric Underground Labyrinth Ravne. You have the opportunity of Energy and Aura measurement before and after the tunnel visit. After that tour to the Air Spa and Healing tunnels followed by Lunch at the Park Ravne 2.

In the afternoon private tour of the park ‘Ravne 2’ with Dr. Semir Osmanagic with Meditation session, Aura Field Amplifier, Megaliths with Dr. Sam and tour and meditation in the tunnels Ravne 3.

Visit of Pyramid of Dragon.

Return to the hotel and enjoy the optional group dinner.


4th day: 4th of September

After breakfast trip to the Tumulus in Vratnica for presentation and meditation at the top of the structure.

You are taken for lunch to the top of the Bosnian pyramid of the Moon, where you can explore the archaeological trenches. Intrepid explorers can opt to descent the side of the pyramid and inspect further excavations sites along the way. Others are shuttled to the base.

Return to the hotel and enjoy the optional group dinner.


5th day: 5th of September

After breakfast trip to the ‘Archaeological park: Bosnian Stone Balls’ in Zavidovici. Presentation with meditation and exploration.

Lunch is prepared by local community, fresh home-made food from gardens,

This is followed by Visit of world largest stone sphere, discovered in 2016.

Trip back to Visoko; second visit to Underground Labyrinth Ravne (Healing Chambers) for Meditation.

Return to the hotel and enjoy the optional group dinner.


6th day: 6th of September

After breakfast full-day trip to Herzegovina including:

- Mostar Old bridge & Old Town UNESCO site,

- Virgin Mary apparition site in Medjugorje,

- River Buns spring and home to sufi dervish Shrine.

Lunch is included as well as a visit of a winery.

Return to the hotel and enjoy the optional group dinner.


7th day: 7th of September

After breakfast drive to Sarajevo city for a guided tour including the Museum with archeological artifacts.

Lunch in one of the old restaurants with traditional Bosnian food.

Return to the hotel and enjoy the optional group dinner.

In the evening final overnight at the Saraj Hotel.


8th day: 8th of September

After breakfast pick-up at hotel and drop-off at Sarajevo International airport, according to flight schedules.


Please note: the itinerary subject to change due to weather or other unforseen events


1050 Euros for the week
for single or double occupancy.



Fully Guided Tour including Half-board accommodation.
Including six overnight stays in the ‘Piramida Sunca Hotel’ and one night in Hotel Saray in Sarajevo.
Transfer, Facilitated Tours as well as Entry Tickets to all visits as stated per Program.
Airport Transfers (please submit your flight details)



The minimum is 6. Should it be less, than 200 € per person needs to be added.



You should book flights to Sarajevo. If you need help booking your flight contact Horst Kitzig 1.631.757.6726,  This booking service is complimentary.



 in case of any unforseem emergency we recomment allianz global assistance 1-800-284-8300



Good footwear - like travelling sandals, closed toe shoes, socks and knitted hat, light breathable hiking/activity type clothes, day backpack, water bottle, rainproof/warm jacket Ravne Tunnel (12 degrees), sun cream, light (easy) jacket.


The official currency required is the Bosnian Mark.
Approx. 2 Marks = 1 Euro
Currency should be changed at the airport upon arrival.



Marta Thomas (USA)

Traveling to the Bosnian Pyramids since 2010

Founder and producer of the Global Pyramid Conferences

Founder of the Pyramid Energy Meet-Ups

Member of the Board: Bosnia Pyramid Foundation

Founder of Global Pyramid Network

CEO & Co-founder of Pyramid Research Foundation

Tours, Seminars, Pyramid Conferences, meet-Ups

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